H & Ps


The following are the criteria for the H&Ps due during the 2010-11 clinical year:

1. Three full H&Ps from any rotation.

a.The first is to be performed and handed in to the office after rotation 2, August 20, 2010.

b.The second shall be performed and due anytime between August 15th and November 1, 2010.

c.The third shall be performed and due anytime between November 10th and February 14, 2011.

2. One focused H&P from any discipline within the first 6 months (due before or on February 14, 2011)

3. H&Ps must be typed. Handwritten submissions will be returned unread and considered late.

The same faculty member will review all of your H&Ps throughout the year. Each reviewer may have their own way of instruction and will determine whether the submission is acceptable or not acceptable. The PA Program office tracks submitted materials and your H&P will be returned to you upon completion of the review with feedback. If the reviewer deems the H&P unacceptable, the student must resubmit the assignment on a different patient within one month of receiving the unacceptable notification unless an agreement is made between the student and the faculty reviewer.

NO TEMPLATES or CHECK OFF SHEETS ARE TO BE USED IN SUBMITTING YOUR H&P. You may use a template to assist you in obtaining the information you require but may not be used in the write up.

PATIENT NAMES MUST BE OMITTED AT ALL TIMES FOR ALL SUBMISSIONS. The documents must be HIPAA compliant. If a name is on a document, it will not be reviewed and will be destroyed without credit. Submission of another H&P is required within two weeks of notification of document being destroyed.

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